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Panic button

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Application “Mobile Panic Button” can be used as a personal tracker in a connection with the , or as a tool of personal security in a connection with the Central Control Panel “Orlan” produced by the “Protection and Security”. It is possible, also, to use the both previous modes.In the mode of personal security, application is providing possibility to send an alarm from a private person (SOS) and coordinates of their own location to the CMS “Orlan”, which was pointed out in the Application Settings. In the mode of the personal tracker of the application, it is possible to control smartphone’s location by, a history of movements (tracks), a violation of the specified geozones, to make a different kind of statistic. In the collaboration mode, after a start of the application, the coordinates automatically are starting to relay to the website. By holding down the alarm button, application is connecting with the CCP “Orlan” and sending out a SOS .